About the Team


He is a queer Vietnamese-American writer who dabbles in poetry, and fiction. He has performed readings at the Buttered Tin, and the Fox Egg Gallery. With a heavy STEM background, he infuses science and math into his writing. He believes that one must use all forms of knowledge to describe ideas of beauty. His jubilant behavior is to be rivaled with his sense of macabre humor, and deconstructive thought process. He is a judo enthusiast, obsessive foodie, desert and mountain hiker, strategic board gamer, and creative monster. He is working on his novel in-progress of 7+ years, War in Mind.



Victoria is a writer and food enthusiast. When she’s not working on one of her many writing projects, she’s exploring new foods and finding opportunities to travel. You can follow her foodie and travel adventures on her Instagram, @oddlyvics.



Kai runs an Asian American inspiration instagram page, @AsIAmInspo (follow him!).  Some of his hobbies are anime, basketball, business/entrepreneurship, and the intersection of these topics. Writing wise, he is focused on honing as many different skills and building his “finishing muscle” (aka completing projects).



Kenny Ngo is a queer Vietnamese-American writer and performer.  He received his BA in Women’s Studies and BFA in Creative Writing from Hamline University. Kenny has performed across several Twin Cities venues, including Phoenix Theatre, Intermedia Arts, and the Fox Egg Gallery. His work deals with heritage and emotional honesty.  He currently lives in St. Paul and works for a non-profit focused on helping women experiencing homelessness find stable and supportive housing. During his free time, Kenny enjoys cooking, playing video games, and drinking strong espresso.